In today’s extremely tough competitive world people are continuously losing hope to survive on this planet, due to various reasons like large population, tough competitions, and various difficulties that children are facing but gradually students are realizing that they want to pursue a career in which they are passionate about. But most of the students unable to identify this passion and for that the most reliable way to find out their career passion, Career counselling holds huge significance in the student’s life which can simply turn around the scenario upside down for them.

Why do we need a counsellor?

It is a proven fact that students and professionals who undergo career counselling and get proper guidance are much happier in their professional and personal life. Career counselling focuses on career exploration, career change, and personal career development and providing the right career path based on a psychometric test.

 “I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.”

~ Stephen Covey

You have the power to make the right decision.

You are just one decision away from a happy career. Act now. Visit a Career Counsellor and solve all your Career related queries.

Why is career counselling important for high school students? 

Career counselling should be done in the school itself for class 9-11 students specifically because these are the levels where students choose a particular stream as their specialisation and, it will be helpful for them to decide the stream they should opt for. This is because many students are not satisfied with the stream they choose and tend to change it; this happens in absence of proper Career Guidance about options available as per their interest and different education stream.

Nowadays, many counsellors prefer psychometric tests to analyse interests of students because generally, students are confused between their various interests but these psychometric tests help figure out students’ capabilities towards each of their interest.

With career counselling, students would be able to know –

  • Their aptitude and interests
  • Strengths and weaknesses of a particular interest
  • Making choice of stream for education after class 10
  • Career options available in market as per their academic choice 
  • Career options available as per their interest 
  • Some alternate career options if they decide to change their stream in further classes.

At some point in our lives, we all are confused, stressed about our career lives. What do we do if we fall ill? We go to doctor. What should we do if we have career problems? We should go for career counselling. 

We should understand that choosing the right career option is very important as our whole life depends on it. 

Career counselling helps you to understand your interests, skills and abilities and based on that a career counsellor guides you in the right direction.

Career counselling provides a clear roadmap on which career to pursue and how to be successful in that. With the immense number of professional choices available today, career development has become progressively significant for exploring career interests and possibilities. It is important that students receive career counselling in school, so they are better arranged for life after school, and ready to face the changes and challenges in the work environment. 

How does career counselling help?

1. Helps to choose the right career

Career counselling helps students and professionals choose the right career and make them realise their true potential. There is a plethora of career options available in today’s world. It is humanly impossible to know about each career path and know it’s pros and cons. A career counsellor is an expert in this field. He/she has an abundance of knowledge about each career and will help you choose your dream career.

At some point in our lives, we all face career-related confusion. It can be a student, a graduate or a professional, everyone has a dilemma about their career at some point in their lives. It is better to consult a career counsellor and solve your career-related confusion rather than getting content with your career choice.

“You live only once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

3. Provides expert Career Guidance

What would you do if you are ill? You would go to a doctor who is an expert in his field.

Similarly, what should you do if you are facing confusion related to your career? You should visit a career counsellor who is an expert in his field.

A career counsellor understands your strength and weakness and provides you with expert guidance to choose the best career for you.

It is essential to plan one’s career with a long-term perspective.

Career counsellor’s expert can analyse your interest personality character through which you can evaluate yourself with the best possible career options which suit you.

Sharing a friendly bond with the counsellor

-Counsellor not only guides you but they will also be like your best friend you can share everything with them so that they can understand you from the heart as well.

-Deciding timetable and career strategy

Career counselling not only helps in making you a great personality, but it will help you to make you a more organized and a better person by various modern methods.

-Helps in gaining Right skill.

-Career counselling helps you to gain focus which can truly reflect in our deeds & work.

Helps in learning technology

Various other skills that can be learned via career counselling

  1. Through different career counselling sessions students can develop a problem-solving attitude which can be helpful in resolving their career queries.
  2. According to various reports it is said that a student can learn a lot more through Communication skills therefore the student can enhance his communication skills.
  •  Student can research on himself with the help of a Career counsellor to explore new opportunities according to the latest trends.
  •  Career counsellor always helps the concerned student about having patience and also help them to learn about listening skills.

For example, a cricketer needs a coach to guide him, a student needs a teacher to teach him similarly a person who is unable to decide about his / her career needs a Career Coach or Career Counsellor for counselling.

A Take-Home Message

The world of work is constantly shifting, and so too are many people’s career aspirations and expectations.

Increasingly, digital, flexible, and remote working options offer many advantages, but that doesn’t necessarily make the career choices any simpler. Compared to a time when people often had only a handful of jobs throughout their life, mapping out a modern-day career path can be a complex and dynamic challenge.

To meet the evolving needs of the working population, the career counselling profession has developed to use a more holistic and integrated process.

Career counsellors can help people navigate and build careers by making job choices that are aligned with their values, abilities, interests, and life stories.

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