Scholars aren’t born; they are created through inevitable hard work and unstoppable zeal to rise and shine.

At The Gen-Z Careers, we start profile building of the students right from 9th grade so that they keep leading the race. Ultimately, every scholar needs to begin auditing their achievements somewhere. Our key focus is on the student’s personal growth and overall development while encouraging their academic excellence, networking, and social engagements.

Our profile building program is highly representative of students’ merits, capabilities, strengths and interests.

The tailor-made process ensures mutual benefit and empowering experience for both mentor and mentee. We enable the student to initiate moulding the career at the nascent stage when it truly matters, i.e., grade 9 or a little earlier. From then on, a mentor’s job is to help guide the student to attain a standing of a competitive Indian but enough to combat international level applications. 

Under our supervision, we ensure that students utilise their vacation most constructively in consolidation with their interests. For that, we include various summer courses, summer camps, internships, community/social service, environment take-care, blogging, etc. We process by beginning with a thorough discussion between the parents, their children, and our mentors to find the right area that needs brushing-up to expect a desirable outcome. The long-term goal of building an impressive college application begins with small activities that show your interest and passion along with your personality.

At The Gen-Z Careers, we believe in being patient with the students to gauge their strengths, weaknesses, and interests rightly. The mentor would prepare a chart to highlight possible time-bound activities that will help the student overcome the weakness and attain an impressive personal and academic profile.

Further, the mentor would suggest additional skill-building exercises that will help strengthen the student’s portfolio based on the expectations of the universities.

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Frequently asked questions

The academic profile of each student has its own uniqueness. It is a significant report of grades, test scores and a rigorous coursework assessment that a student takes over in high school. A student’s academic profile talks about the educational journey all through the course of growing up.

At Scholars Calling, we work towards student’s profile evaluation by moulding their personality, giving them more opportunities to grow, and enabling them experiences that will make them stand apart.

A student’s profile is a very professional way of presenting year-round achievements. Especially if a student is planning to seek admission to international colleges, a good student profile becomes a great help as foreign universities demand such documents.

A student’s profile should have an informative profile headline, an appropriate photo, educational qualification, a good professional summary, updated status, diverse recommendations and more.