Once the student has passed the 10th standard, it is time to choose the apt stream based on one’s interest, calibre and curriculum of choice. This is when students face the challenge of selecting a stream that would profoundly suit their interests. 

Our mentorship, along with insightful counselling sessions and psychometric tests, enables a student to select the right stream that can contribute to a successful professional journey. Tracking and analysing every student’s growth (personal and academic) over the years helps our consultants provide the most effective recommendations.

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Frequently asked questions

Stream Selection is not a random decision. Many factors come into the picture while a student is on the verge of choosing a certain stream. Evaluation of interest and related prospects are major aspects of it. This is when a good counselling session with psychometric tests help!

Choosing a stream varies from mind to mind following individual interest and intellect. It is highly detrimental to an individual’s capability and calibre. In case a child is confused about the choice, it is best to seek professional counselling to make the best choice.

There is no specific best stream. You need to choose your best stream. When you follow your passion, you end up making the best career out of it. At our counselling session, we help students figure out their interests and what they can do better.

Earning money is highly dependant on the efficiency with which you perform the job. Making money out of a desirable career is not a challenge if you know you can be the best in what you do.