With no further delay, we will be telling you about the most crucial voluntary activities that will weigh your resume down. Following here are the reasons WHY one must volunteer:

  1. To develop qualities such as team work, leadership, etc.
  2. To understand the dynamics of team, and to co-work.
  3. A chance to build your network.
  4. When you volunteer for a cause, you work for something bigger than yourself.
  5. Learning, grinding and learning.

Activities you can take up:

Here are some of the most popular choices among students:

1. Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) that work for causes/disaster relief
NGOs are a great place to volunteer for those that wish to add such experience to their resume. This is mainly due to the nature of an NGOs functioning which allows for an environment that puts others before the self and thrives on teamwork and leadership. There are several NGOs around the world that you can volunteer for that are always looking for enthusiastic, motivated volunteers. What’s more, you can also approach several organisations that will match you with an NGO relevant to your interests and concerns.

2. Events/Festivals
An event or festival can be a rather exciting opportunity for the millennial in you to volunteer with. This is mainly due to the dynamic, fast-paced emulation of an organisation that these tend to be, owing to a similar structure of hierarchies. Volunteering for an event or festival also teaches you how the organizing of such medium-large scale events works, including the teamwork that goes into it.

3. Political Campaigns

Politically inclined and looking for a volunteering opportunity? Focussing your efforts at a local political campaign might just be the thing for you. This is for two reasons – firstly, you’ll be working for something you are passionate about. Secondly, and most importantly, you gain tremendously useful experience while being allowed to network. Volunteering for a political campaign is also a great way to kick-start your political career if you are so inclined.

4. Local Libraries

Love books? Maybe you’d enjoy volunteering at a library! This mostly includes helping them organize shelves and helping out visitors find what they require. Volunteering at a library could turn out to be a highly enjoyable task for those that are looking for space away from the fast-paced opportunities that exist otherwise.

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