Here are the top 6 factors that every Indian student considers while choosing their dream destination for higher studies.

Students can make the best investment in their future by studying abroad. In addition to gaining a global perspective, they can also have the opportunity to grow personally, academically, and professionally. The increasing popularity of overseas education among Indian students is a result of higher aspirations for global exposure and subsequent better career outcomes.

Going abroad for higher studies is a dream come true for aspiring students in India. Not only does it involve enrolling in a course and university of choice, but also a lot depends on the location they choose to finally settle in.

A study abroad experience can be made all the better through choosing the right combination of the desired course, university, inclusive culture, career options after graduation, etc.

Some of the top factors that a student considers while deciding their destination of choice are:-



Most Indian students are attracted to Canada, US, UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia in comparison to other European countries, as English is the predominant language of communication in these countries. Students find it easier to settle in and absorb the local experience with no qualms about the local language.


The international student support groups and university initiatives provide students with a forum for sharing experiences as they navigate the many complexities of living abroad, including the transition, culture, and much more, which help international students feel at home in their destination country.

Furthermore, some students find it really helpful to migrate to a foreign country with friends or family already residing or studying there.



Flexible accommodation options, higher standard of living, an efficient healthcare system, travel allowances, university scholarship grants etc. available for international students are some of the other reasons why people choose a particular destination.


A lot of students see overseas education as their easiest route to getting a Permanent Residency in a country. Once they move to a particular country, post their studies, most students prefer to make their living and career there itself; hence easier migration laws and student-friendly policies become a focal point of discussion and interest for the study abroad student community.


Students tend to prefer countries that offer a lot of networking options, where they can build stronger peer networks that complement their future careers.


In addition, students who return to work in India after studying and gaining work experience abroad are extremely valuable to future employers, as they can get ahead of the intense talent competition.



Top universities across the world always attract more student applications. Even though students have slowly started to look beyond just the university rankings as a deciding factor, it is still one of the significant considerations.

The destination country’s job market, employment opportunities in their desired industries etc. are all equally important as well.

Resource: India Today

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