At Gen-Z Careers Abroad, we create strategies to manage your career through preparatory interviews and leadership training.

We also teach you to negotiate for a better pay package and coach you across the career quandary. Our study abroad counsellors come with deep knowledge and understand ing of your industry. Connect with them over the phone or chat with them online to get comprehensive career guidance for studying abroad and easing your entire career journey.

How can counsellors at Gen-Z Careers Abroad help you?
You are making one of the most pivotal decisions of your life when you are choosing not just to study but also getting a career abroad. For those who wish to do so, Gen-Z Careers Abroad provides you with solid assistance:

We guide you towards the right career option based on your interest and your aptitude Select the most appropriate place to study and further your education that will also provide you with a

platform to pursue a career. Get complete visa assistance and exam coaching for GRE, TOEFL, IELTS and other standardised tests.You will also be provided with the best loan and scholarship options.Our experts will help you with onboarding and accommodation.

Gen-Z Careers Abroad answers all career-related questions and doubts. Our end-to-end integrated international study and career counselling programs will provide you with flexible, affordable, and accessible career guidance and plans that are customised to suit your requirements.

Get objective advice and strategise your present to make a great future only with Gen-Z Careers Abroad!

Our study abroad career counsellors offer
invaluable advice to students
  • Take complete advantage of the mentor-ship when you approach our career guidance process with an open mind.
  • While our career counselling does help you understand yourself and the career that you should take, it also assists you in making life decisions.
  • It is extremely crucial for you to choose the right career, define yourself as an individual and lead the lifestyle that you prefer besides, interacting with the kind of people that you wish to.
  • Studying and getting a job abroad is a critical decision that can impact you and your family emotionally and financially.
  • We practice utmost transparency at every stage

Aptitude tests:

There are several career choices available and choosing one of them from the myriad of options can be challenging and daunting. Our study abroad consultants understand the students’ predicament and therefore, offer a vocational guidance programme focused on Aptitude, Interest, and Personality.

These insights will help us design the selection of your subject, choice of curriculum, stream selection, Bachelors and Masters degree choices and finally career shifts.

These insights will help us design the selection of your subject, choice of curriculum, stream selection, Bachelors and Masters degree choices and finally career shifts.

Distinctive Markers:

Gen-Z Careers Abroad employs genuine and certified career counselors who provide students with the right kind of direction. This is also one of the most important facets of the career counselling process. As keen listeners and observers, our professionals are efficient problem solvers with extensive knowledge in several fields. We also ensure a safe and secure environment where students can openly discuss their lives and careers. As part of the company’s policy, Gen-Z Careers Abroad practices confidentiality, fully knowing the sensitivity of the data gathered by us.

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