Here is a list of jobs to help you find a non-traditional career that pays well:

1. Colour Expert

Primary duties: A Colour Expert is a job where you use colour psychology, trends, statistics and theory to suggest the best colours for homes, company buildings, brand logos and more. In this job, you would be developing layouts and producing designs, usually for a brand, a house, an office, or a whole building. You do not need a college degree for this job, but it does require training. It is also helpful to be creative and innovative when pursuing this career.

3. online dating Ghostwriter

Primary duties: An online dating Ghostwriter writes profiles for people on dating websites. This is a great job if you have the writing skills to create witty dating profiles. You can do this job as a freelancer from anywhere in the world by looking for clients yourself, or you can work directly with popular dating sites.

4. Bingo Manager  

Primary duties: A bingo manager’s job is to manage everything in a casino. This job does not require a college degree, but you do need at least five years of experience in a similar managerial position. Among the list of duties of a bingo manager, you would need to comply with federal and state gaming regulations, handle customer complaints, approve jackpots and oversee pay-outs. You would also be responsible for the casino staff and budgets.

5. Hippotherapist

Primary duties: A Hippotherapist is a job that combines therapy with riding horses. It is a type of therapy used for both children and adults. This career requires you to be a certified therapist with knowledge of different forms of disabilities, and you should also be good with horses. Hippotherapy can be used to help improve the patient’s recreation, socialization and interaction with others. In this job, you would be a part of a team of experts that helps create plans and goals for patients.

6. Veterinary Acupuncturist

Primary duties: Acupuncture can be used to treat animals, just as it is used to heal humans. As a veterinary acupuncturist, you would use a non-surgical and non-drug approach to treat an animal. You would use needles, tools and techniques such as massages, blood-moving approaches, frequency approaches and polarity devices. This job requires you to have training and certification in acupuncture. A love for animals is also important for succeeding in the role.

7. Flavourist

Primary duties: As a Flavourist, you would be creating natural and artificial flavours. You must have extensive knowledge of essential oils, botanical extracts, flavour aromas and essences to be able to recreate flavours from nature. In this job, you will also have to come up with irresistible new flavours that people will love. This job requires a Ph.D. in chemistry or biochemistry. Moreover, as a flavourist, you would need extensive experience as an apprentice with flavour companies.

8. Clinical Ethicist

Primary duties: A Clinical Ethicist is a job that requires you to take an unbiased position regarding certain medical decisions to help doctors, patients and families make informed decisions. People often have very different but strong opinions on subjects like cloning and stem cell research. As a clinical ethicist, you would provide an unbiased examination of an issue to help those concerned make the right decision. This job requires a master’s degree or a doctorate in medical ethics or a related subject.

9. Master Marijuana Extractor

Primary duties: A Master Marijuana extractor is a position where you process marijuana to produce edibles, oils, concentrates and other marijuana products. You do need a degree in a related field to acquire this job, but once you have one, you can start earning a considerable sum of money right out of college.

10. Toy Maker

Primary duties: A Toy Maker is a professional who designs toys that are both entertaining and safe for children. Also known as product designers, toy makers must have an artistic and creative flair. They should know how to use materials effectively to create toys that aren’t dangerous for children. They also need to know how to design toys that are durable and easy to maintain. Having a love for gadgets and possessing mechanical skills are great qualities to have as well. To become a toy maker, you must have a degree in the arts, such as a design degree. Knowledge in AutoCAD with some engineering skills are also essential.

11. Art Therapist

Primary duties: Art Therapy is a job that combines therapy with the creative form of art. It is used by therapists as a way to help patients heal. Art therapists help ease patients’ stress to improve their self-esteem and their overall mental health. It is an alternative way of expression, especially when patients are unable to express themselves verbally. To become an art therapist, you must study psychology or counselling and also be trained in art. As an art therapist, you can work in school settings, communities or private practice, and you can even be hired by companies to help employees.

12. Podiatrist

Primary duties: A podiatrist is a medical professional who examines feet, ankles and lower legs and performs surgeries on these body parts. Podiatrists are trained to diagnose and treat abnormalities on the feet, and they help prevent and correct deformities. They also relieve pain in the feet and treat infections. To become a podiatrist, you need a degree from an accredited podiatric medical college.

13. Computer hacker

Primary duties: The job of a computer hacker is important when used for good. Your hacking skills can be used by companies who want to test their software to make sure that it is secure. Also called white hat hackers, these ethical computer experts are paid to legally break into a company’s network to find weaknesses to help prevent real hackers from accessing it later on. The skills of white hat hackers are important in a world where technology runs huge organizations. This job requires a college degree in a related technological field. Ethical Hackers are also used by law enforcing agencies to hack accounts of Criminals or victims to solve the cases.

14. Voice-over artist

Primary Duties: A voice-over artist is a specialist voice talent who reads from a script to narrate text for radio, television, film, theatre and other productions. A voice-over artist’s work is pre-recorded, and their work is usually done in a studio. Having a distinctive voice is a good start to your voice over career, but you should also practice reading things out loud and recording your voice so that you can listen to yourself and improve your skills. Using your diaphragm to speak and practicing vocal exercises is also important. Some voice-over artists take acting classes and voice lessons to get better at their craft.

15. Periodontist

Primary duties: A periodontist is a dentist who specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease. A periodontist is also a specialist in the placement of dental implants, and they are trained to maintain and repair them. These professionals are experts in oral inflammation, but they also handle more complex dental cases such as severe gum disease. To become a periodontist, you need to complete dental school as well as three additional years of specialized education.

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