Having been in a boarding school during the most crucial years of growing up- teenage, the need to talk to someone, feel heard and feel accepted for who you are or just have a space where you could be yourself was constant. And since this was a mutual feeing amongst all students, I knew who I could turn to! Minu ma’am. Ma’am had been everything and more that I hoped a counsellor would be. I would rush to her whenever I felt something Is going sideways or I was disturbed and needed to just let my heart out. Ma’am always managed to console me and be the guiding arm I didn’t realise I needed at the time. She was welcoming and comforting and just the person we thought of when times got tough. I’ll always be grateful for the role she played in my school life and how she managed to always make me feel and do better.
RITU MADAN (mother)
Minu ma’am for me has always been just one call away. It is always so comforting and soothing talking to her and always puts my mind at ease.